Pajama dresses for this summer

It is almost summer and I am so glad that I can finally wear comfortable and colorful clothes, skirts, dresses and many others. And I am glad that at night, I can wear the most comfortable pajamas. Although, I always wear comfortable pajamas, because I cannot sleep in long sleeve shirts or with long pants or with thick material pajamas. I prefer a top and a pair of shorts and sometimes, during the winter a T-shirt.

So, I always look for cute pajamas, with funny prints and made from quality materials. And sometimes, like during the summer, I like to wear pajama dresses. They are so comfortable, they look so good and are very feminine.

And during my search for this type of pajamas, I found that on Zaful website some models that capture my attention. They have very good prices too and I really want them all. And I will show you two of them and please remember it was so difficult to only show you just two because all of them are so beautiful.

The first one is Loungewear Cami Dress With Kimono, on Pink. It is very feminine and it looks gorgeous. Did I mention it is comfy? I really like this combo of dress and kimono, because sometimes I cannot find a matching kimono for this type of pajama dresses and I end up buying a totally different kimono. It is made from polyester and it costs $27.99. You can also buy it on gray.

The second pajama dress that captured my attention is Lace Panel Sleepwear Chemise. It has a texture like satin and lace details, so it makes it the perfect pajama dress for when you want to feel feminine and to look really good. It is available on Light Pink, Watermelon and Champagne and its price is $14.99. I think it is just perfect for summer nights and for weekend mornings when all you want is to stay in bed for a little longer.

And if you click on the website, you will also find other types of pajama and other models of pajama dresses. Please let me know what you think of this pajamas and if you would buy them.

Andreea BeautyInfusion

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