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We, the women, tend to complain very often  about not having enough clothes. Even we go shopping today, the next day we will look in our wardrobe and think we don’t have what to wear. Of course this is how we are, always dissatisfied, but there is another reason for that: we simply don’t have enough basic pieces of clothing which we could combine depending the outfit. For example, an outfit could start with a simple skirt, or with a blouse, or a pair of jeans and then add other suited clothes and accessories.

And no mather each one’s dressing style, I really think we should all have at least one skirt and one dress in our wardrobe. Wonder why? Because we never know when we’re gonna need to show a little more “feminism” on the outside. So, even we dress more casually most of the times, let’s not forget to have these two important pieces for our outfits.

Don’t worry, if you are not a fan of usual dresses, what about two piece dresses? These as very easy to wear, are comfy enough and can be worn every day. Plus, you can wear them as a whole, or can mix the skirt / blouse with some other pieces of clothing. I’ve recently found a website selling two pieces dresses for some very good prices. I am talking about Plus, the models available are simply superb.

My favourite one is the Dark Blue Casual Pockets Two Piece Mini Dress. This is a dress fit to wear during winter, spring and also autumn. It is made of polyester and you can wear it while at the office, at school or for going out during daytime. And its price is even more tempting: $85.00.


If you are going to visit the website, I must mention the fact that you will find lots of products having great prices and lots of unique models you won’t see anywhere else, or at least not soon. Plus, If you want to hear the latest news and trends, you can subscribe to the shop’s social media channels and their blog too. They are easy to find by searching for “our blog” and “our Instagram” on the site.

Don’t forget to let me know what’s you view on this kind of dresses and how you mix them with your other clothes and accessories.

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